One of the highlights of the year for Pathfinders children and youth is our annual Christmas banquet & party. The event is held at Sparks Christian Fellowship and we decorate to provide the atmosphere for making the event memorable.

A great dinner is served, followed by a program that includes an opening act is always a surprise. Am amazing dog act was featured at our last party (2020 was missed due to Covid.) This year's program will include an opening act, lasers, a skit, a Christmas Gospel message, and candlelight caroling. Each child/youth will be given a $50 Walmart gift card.

Will you consider helping us fund buying $8,000 in gift cards this year?

Thirteen Pathfinders kids, fifth through twelfth grade, recently completed a 15-week intensive discipleship study program and were rewarded with a framed diploma, Bible, dinner at the Olive Garden Restaurant, and promotion to "junior leaders".

Each child/youth had previously made a commitment to follow Jesus at Pathfinders summer camp. The discipleship curriculum, produced by The Navigators, was designed for adults, but our kid were faithful in attendance and participation. We are very proud of them!

As we begin our mad rush toward the holiday season and the end of 2021, it's probably wise to look back on the year's wins and apparent losses. Doing so helps us remember that if we are true Jesus followers, He's in charge and will turn all things to good (Romans 8:28)

Having said that, I must confess that this year has been rough. Covid's Delta variant has affected us by limiting the number of active volunteers, especially church groups providing hot meals, van drivers, and ride-alongs. Donations are also down. Cancelling our annual fundraising banquet for the second year in a row took its toll.

Pathfinders is the Only Christian entity reaching into the poverty pockets within the Truckee Meadows offering the hope that only comes through knowing Jesus Christ. There are 14,449 children and teens living in poverty in Reno and Sparks alone! We need your help with prayer, volunteering, and financial support. Will you prayerfully consider how God can use you to help us reach these kids?

May you experience His presence in an extraordinary way this Christmas!

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