Children In Generational Poverty Seminar

Whether you’re considering volunteering or simply wish to gain a deeper understanding of our community’s challenges, this seminar is a must-attend. Stay tuned for the announcement of our next seminar date.

About This Seminar

There are over 15,000 children and youth in Reno and Sparks trapped in poverty. This generational poverty culture is a strange world most people don't event know exists. Learn about the life these children and teens live and how to affect change and offer hope in their lives.

Who is This Seminar For?

This seminar is required for those who are considering volunteering for Pathfinders Children's Ministry. Even if you are not interested in volunteering this is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges facing children and youth in our community.

Next Seminar

The date and time for our next seminar will be announced soon. For more information or to sign up to attend, contact Chuck Grimm at or 775-378-4001.

children living in generational poverty